Welcome to Pro Jazz Charts!

 Now, by popular request, you can browse the entire catalog by title.

From the Publisher:

I started Pro Jazz Charts to create a place where skilled and adventurous writers can make their music available to everybody.  I have reached out to some of the best writers I know and asked them to send me their best works.  I'm really excited about the response I got!


My goal is to create a catalog where every arrangement is top-shelf--where every single chart is something pro-level players can really sink their teeth into.  I believe you'll find the site full of truly great charts, and there's a good chance you'll discover some new favorite writers! Best of all, when you buy a chart here, the writers make some money, so you're supporting the creation of new great music.


I hope you enjoy the music here as much as I do. Stop back by often because I intend to keep adding exciting things to the catalog. 


Ben Patterson

Here's how we do things:

We have two options for most available arrangements:  We can send you PDFs via e-mail, or we can send you parts that are printed and taped via USPS.  We don't like to tape any more than you do and it takes time, so we charge more for that option and it takes longer.  We do our best to process orders as quickly as humanly possible.  Most PDF orders will be processed the same day. Mail orders generally go out in 3-5 days.


TEACHERS: We know every school has its own purchasing process and we're happy to accommodate you. For invoice orders, look for the button on each chart's home page. For purchase orders or questions, send an e-mail to ben@projazzcharts.com.