A Lift of the Foot - by Alan Baylock

A Night In Pidruid - by Steve Wiest

A Study Was Done - by Carl Murr

Alabama Down - by Steve Williams

Always - by Ben Patterson

Anne Marie - by Ben Patterson

Another Day - by Rich Sigler

Anxiously Awaiting - by Ben Patterson

Arirang - arr. by Ben Patterson

At Any Rate - by Alan Baylock

Back of the Line - by Joseph Henson

Barebones - by Walt Weiskopf, arr by Alan Baylock

Blues For Stew's Shoes - by Alan Baylock

Cathel Brugha Blues - by Steve Williams

Certified - by Steve Williams

Cerulean 12 - by Steve Wiest

Cheese Hat - by Ben Patterson

Chiaroscuro - by Alan Baylock

Convergence - by Jeff Martin

Dance of the Stargazer - by Joseph Henson

Deep Ellum Strut - by Aaron Lington

Denial - by Ben Patterson

Denton Standard Time - by Steve Wiest

Doin' the Shake - Shawn Purcell

Elgin's Key - by Rob Holmes

Elyeska - by Steve Williams

Excalibur - by Steve Wiest

Em Uma Semana - by Alan Baylock

Entre' Nous - by Steve Williams

Espíritu Valiente - by Ben Patterson

Everyday Adventures - by Ben Patterson

Faithful in Paris - arr. by Ben Patterson

Final Countdown - by Steve Erickson

Fire Marshal - by Dave Richards

Funkle Jelly Bags - by Dave Richards

Gates of Madrid, The - by Walt Weiskopf, arr Alan Baylock

Happy Dance, The - by Ben Patterson

Hark! the Herald Angels Sing - arr. by Ben Patterson

Hindsight - by Alan Baylock

Home - by Ben Patterson

Ice-Nine - by Steve Wiest

I Love You - arr. by Ben Patterson

Inexorable - by Ben Patterson

Intensities in Ten Cities - by Alan Baylock

Interesting Times - by Ben Patterson

It Happened On Cooper Street - by Steve Wiest

It's A Brand New Day - by Steve Erickson

Just Cuz - by Ben Patterson

Just Improbable - by Paul White

The Last Theme Song - by Steve Wiest

Late With Kate - by Alan Baylock

Little Dreamer, Big Dreams - by Ben Patterson

Mean Uncle Jelly Bags - by Dave Richards

Michelangelo '70 - arr. by Ben Patterson

Might This Be Bop? - by Shawn Purcell

Miller's Modes - by Steve Williams

Misinformation Age, The - by Ben Patterson

Mixup, The - by Ben Patterson

New Cydonia - by Steve Wiest

No, I Don't Fly Planes - by Ben Patterson

Old School - by Carl Murr

Once and Future Groove, The - by Steve Wiest

Ornette Me Not - by Rob Holmes

Pilot Room - by Dave Richards

Que Tenga Sabor - by Ben Patterson

Quotient - by Alan Baylock

Rere - by Steve Williams

Sakura - arr. by Jeff Martin

See the Pyramid by Walt Weiskopf, arr Alan Baylock

Sequoia - by Shawn Purcell

Shift In Perspective - by Paul White

Spirals - by Steve Wiest

Skyscrapers - by Alan Baylock

Small Note Boogaloo - by Ben Patterson

Stank Face - by Ben Patterson

Stole Back My Soul - by Alan Baylock

Suppertime - by Carl Murr

Syncopation: Universal Groove - by Alan Baylock

Chili Fish, The - by Carl Murr

Phrygian Five, The - by Alan Baylock

Thrill Is Gone, The - by Ben Patterson

Tie, No Suit - arr. by Dave Richards

To the TOP - by Ben Patterson

Tomorrow's Destiny - arr by Jeff Martin

Tornado Alley - by Jeff Martin

Torque - by Alan Baylock

Treachery - arr by Ben Patterson

Triple J Inslomo - by Steve Williams

Trombone Detritus - by Ben Patterson

Tuning Up the Hurricane - by Steve Williams

Unparliamentary Language - by Alan Baylock

Up On the Housetop - by Alan Baylock

Vital Frequencies - by Ben Patterson

Way of the Groove, The - by Ben Patterson

We Three Kings - by Jeff Martin

We're Back, Baby! - by Ben Patterson

Without A Doubt - by Alan Baylock

Woody's You For Two - by Steve Williams

You're A Mean One, Mr. Grinch - arr. by Bob Thurston

Zavo Brulu - by Rob Holmes