A Night In Pidruid

Composed and Arranged by Steve Wiest

The scene opens on dirty streets where a small group of, colorful (and perhaps disreputable) characters begins a parade which is quickly joined by many others until the streets are packed, Mardi Gras-style...or at least that's how we hear the off-color, 2nd-line opening of this tune. As the chart progresses and becomes more modern, it quickly becomes apparent how earnestly Steve pays tribute to his influences--not only author Robert Silverberg, but the great Bob Brookmeyer as well. Melody and solos are for tenor sax and "guest" trombonist.

[Instrumentation: 5 saxes, 8 brass + solo trombone, 4 rhythm]

As Recorded by the Steve Wiest Big Band on "Excalibur" [Arabesque Recordings]

Night In Pidruid (PDF)


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